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Fishing Guide Services

Are you finding it hard to locate fish

Is there a problem with local knowledge of the area?

Problem solved

We at Fish Tracker guiding services can offer a wide range of services to maximise that catch of a life time.

Services include:-

·      A drive around various lakes and rivers on arrival.

·      Best places to fish and advice on the venue.

·      Pre baiting services.

·      Boats with engines ( minimum 3 day stay ).

·      Fresh bait supplied.

·      Accommodation recommendation.

.      Fishing tackle for hire.

.      Teaching total novices on my own lake (which is stocked with everything apart from Pike and Trout)

       how to fish.

Guides for Course, Pike and Trout fishing are just a phone call away. So why not take advantage of the services provided and hook up with one of us. Call:-

Dave Price 00353 (0)877576367